This is the Rules page for Matijevic2kiki's Wiki.Please obey the rules and have fun!


1. Treat other users with respect.They might be as just as valuable to this wiki as you.

2. Swearing is unacceptable on this wiki.If you swear,you will get a 2-week ban.The ban will lengthen if the problem continues.

3. Images of PIMP and Voyager are welcome here.Your own pics for your fanfics as well.But any pictures containing mature content,strong language and swearing will be immediately removed from the wiki.The same goes for fanfics if they contain strong language and mature content,they will be removed.This will result in a 2-week to 1 month ban.Remember,no mature content!

4. You can upload videos,but remember they can't be violent or mature.If it goes over PG-13(M),it will result in a 2 month ban.

5. Do not spam or remove anything from articles,user pages or talk pages on the Wiki.Anyone who does so will get a big warning and then a short ban.If the problem continues,the ban will lenghten.If the rules are continued to be broken,the user will get an infinite ban.

6. If you are banned from the Wiki more than three times,you will get an infinite ban.

7. Talk of religion and politics is allowed if each user's opinion is respected.

8. We respect all religions,but putting rules on non-Christian religions will result in an infinite ban with no warnings.That is unacceptable.

9. Disrespecting Administrators and bureaucrats in any way will result in an infinite ban.

10. Hating on other users will only earn a 1 year ban.

11. You can't redirect or delete a page even if you're an admin without asking for my permission first.

12.Have fun!


Swearing is unacceptable,so here's a list of curse words you will get banned for:

  • G*d(acceptable if it isn't 'Oh,my ***!')
  • H*ll(such as Go to H*ll)
  • Gay
  • Sh**
  • Fu**
  • Bi***
  • A**
  • Smo***g
  • F****t

Using 'beep' instead of those words is acceptable,but using them without beep results in an instant ban.


Minor bans

  • 2 hours
  • 1 week

Major bans

  • 2 weeks
  • 6 months

Extreme bans

  • 1 year
  • infinite

If anyone continues to break the rules after being banned once already, the ban will either be longer with each future offense or will be infinite.Behave nice,don't spam and have a lovely time.

Wiki Chat rules

Basic Wiki Chat rules:

1. No spamming allowed.We don't accept nonsense and things that are stupid.

2. Patience is very important.You can send a polite PM.Anyone seen going into a hissy fit or causing drama will be kicked off the chat for a week.

3. Treat users with respect.

4. No swearing.Using 'beep' in place of the words is allowed.Anyone caught swearing will be banned from the Wiki Chat for two weeks.

5. Anything to PG-13(M) is allowed.Anyone who violates this rule will get an instant ban.

6. Roleplaying is allowed.Roleplaying over PG-13(M) is not acceptable.Roleplaying to PG-13(M) is acceptable.