I.S.S. Voyager in space

The second mirror Voyager,not the replacing one for the destroyed mirror Voyager

Voyager was another mirror starship,but not the replacement for the destroyed mirror Voyager.It took part in The Voyager War,where it got severely damaged and it's Captain Kristijan Matijević was killed.

USS Voyager

Class: Intrepid-class
Registry: NCC-74656
Owner: United Federation of Planets(mirror)
Operator: Starfleet(mirror)
Status: Active(2375)

The beggining in The Voyager WarEdit

The mirror Voyager was one of the million Voyagers to participate in The Voyager War.All of the Voyagers from all of the universes were starting a battle on each other.Thus,the real Voyager deployed armor.Unfortunately for the mirror Voyager,it's secondary processors were damaged,so it couldn't deploy armor.Already,it's shields were failing,and they were losing the weapon supplies due to overreactive use to defend themselves.

The not good part of The Voyager War to the mirror VoyagerEdit

Losing shields rapidly,the mirror Voyager held back all of the auxiliary power to maintain the shield generators,but it wasn't working.The shields are lost and now the mirror Voyager has been left completely vulnerable to the other Voyagers' weapons.Already,they lost a power grid which cut down their power by 20%.They lost three officers' quarters and the captain's ready room.They configured to firing weapons,but to no avail.Then,they lost sickbay,which was destroyed after the power grid was.The other Voyagers were taking the advantage of it.Upon this,one of the front torpedo launchers is destroyed,disabling the deflector for a while.Sparks fly on the bridge as they were running out of time.Shockingly,one of the Voyagers fires at the mirror Voyager's bridge,killing the mirror Voyager's captain,Kristijan Matijević.Captain Shirley got emotional for him and cryed over his death while the other officers were sad inside themselves that he died.The real Voyager's crew,especially Captain Matijević couldn't take it noticing that the mirror Captain Shirley was crying over the mirror Captain Matijević,so they organized the mirror ship to a retreat while the real Voyager takes down all the other Voyagers.
Capt.Shirley The Loon crying over Capt.Matijević's death

Captain Shirley The Loon crying over Captain Matijević's death

The aftermath

After half a year of repairs after The Voyager War,the mirror Plucky Duck is promoted from commander to captain by Captain Shirley The Loon.A funeral of Capt.Matijević is organized and all of the mirror Starfleet officers were crying over his death in the war,and also keep him in memory,as well as the real Voyager crew who have been their heroes and helpers,which was pretty noticeable.


  • Captain Shirley The Loon-commanding officer(CO)
  • Commander Buster Bunny-executive officer(XO)
  • Commander Babs Bunny-executive officer(XO)
  • Commander Plucky Duck-executive officer(XO)
  • Lt.Commander Fifi La Fume-tactical/security officer
  • Lieutenant Hamton J. Pig-helmsman
  • Ensign Carl Cox-operations officer


  • Captain Kristijan Matijević-commanding officer(CO)(KIA 2375.)