USS Voyager (NCC-74656-A) is an Intrepid-class starship in service of the United Federation of Planets. The ship mysteriously dissappeared during a battle with an unknown vessel in late 2014. In late 2015, after the Freedom Fighters discover the ship, Voyager-A is returned back to Earth.

The ship was the first ship to accompany quantum phasers instead of regular phasers and it had quantum torpedoes in all launchers, as well as advanced regenerative shielding.


The ship was launched from Earth in early 2014. Starfleet developed new quantum technology and upgraded their quantum torpedoes. The USS Voyager-A was the first Federation starship to test the new quantum phasers which completely replaced regular starship phaser and the new regenerative shielding. The shielding technology was supposed to be more advanced than the Prometheus-class' regenerative shielding. It was also capable of warp 9.9, as well as having cloaking capabilities.

In late 2014, the USS Voyager-A engaged an unknown vessel. During the supposed conflict, the unknown vessel escapes, but Voyager-A disappears. Voyager-A is declared "officially lost" in early 2015. Half a year later, in late mid-to-late 2015, the USS Voyager and the Freedom Fighters discover the vessel near an abandoned Federation starbase, fully functional and the crew alright. Voyager escorted Voyager-A back to Earth and the ship remains in service with Starfleet.

Voyager-A specifications

  • Registry: NCC-74656-A
  • Crew complement: 202
  • Decks:15
  • Length: 350 meters
  • Height: 64.4 meters
  • Weight: 700.000 metric tons
  • Maximum speed: warp 8.2 (maximum safe cruising speed), warp 9.9 (maximum sustainable speed overall)
  • Armaments: 2 phaser arrays, quantum phasers, 32 phaser banks, 6 torpedo launchers (2 front, 2 aft, 1 port, 1 starboard), quantum torpedoes, transphasic torpedoes
  • Defenses: Regenerative shielding, ablative hull armor, ablative armor generators, cloaking device
  • Shuttlecrafts: 2 type-2 shuttlecraft, 2 type-6 shuttlecraft and 2 type-8 shuttlecraft