USS Voyager

USS Voyager (NCC-74656) is an Intrepid-class staship operated by Kristijan's Freedom Fighters. It serves as their flagship. Voyager has seen many engagements against the Terror Force and the Dominion. It was duplicated on two occasions, and even captured on one occasion.

Voyager was equipped with technologies not seen on any Intrepid-class vessel, such as the upgraded astrometrics lab, transphasic torpedoes, ablative hull armor and even a cloaking device which allowed the ship to keep using its shields and even fire weapons, courtesy of Kristijan Matijević and Panda.

The ship has also frequently engaged a Terror Force replica of itself, and it has encountered many alternate and mirror versions of itself. Even after constructing the Delta Flyer, the Fighters pressed on to build three new Delta Flyer-type shuttlecraft, one of which was upgraded with a new LCARS interface based off the systems of Nicole the Holo-Lynx's handheld computer, known as the Nicole Flyer. After the first one was destroyed, the second Nicole Flyer was assigned to the Fighters' new, more scientifcally-oriented Intrepid-class vessel, USS Nicole.



  • Unnamed type-6 shuttlecraft