The USS Voyager,the three heroes' starship

The USS Voyager(NCC-74656) is an Intrepid-class justice starship which helps the three heroes fight against villanis who have ships.

USS Voyager

Class: Intrepid-class
Length: 344.95m
Height: 66.42m
Mass: 700,000 metric tons
Decks: 15
Speed: Warp 14 (max.sustainable cruise velocity)

Armaments and defensesEdit


  • Phasers:A regular weapon of Voyager.Used to lower shields of an enemy vessel.
  • Photon torpedoes:Another regular weapon of Voyager.They can help minimize shield integrities of an enemy ship faster.
  • Phaser cannons:The original phaser cannons from an Defiant-class starship help Voyager to lower enemy shields even faster than photon torpedoes.
  • Spatial charges:The bursts of Voyager's spatial charges can damage enemies well.
  • Tricobalt devices:Little tricobalt torpedoes fired from torpedo launchers are powerful enough to destroy an array in space.
  • Quantum torpedoes:The quantum torpedoes can disable enemy shields by one hit.
  • Transphasic torpedoes:These torpedoes are powerful enough to destroy a Borg cube by two hits.The second most destructive weapon.
  • Destructor beam:A red beam that can destroy an enemy vessel by firing it 5 seconds.Third most destructive weapon.
  • Telekinetic torpedoes:In an appearance the same as tricobalt devices,Voyager can destroy any enemy starship with only one hit.The most destructive weapon of Voyager.
  • Telekinetic electrocutes:In an appearance of big blue electrocutes full of telekinesis,they are also the most destructive weapon of Voyager along with the telekinetic torpedoes.


  • Ablative Armor:The ablative armor is the strongest defence system of Voyager.It is generated by generators installed on Voyager.But the generators can't deploy the armor if the secondary processors are damaged.
  • Deflector shield:The common defence system of Voyager.
    626px-USS Voyager firing tri-cobalt device

    Voyager firing telekinetic torpedoes at Cuteus Scamus


    USS Voyager with armor


    USS Voyager deploying ablative armor

    Uss voyager firing telekinetic electrocutes

    USS Voyager firing telekinetic electrocutes


    USS Voyager firing transphasic torpedoes

    Uss voyager firing phaser cannons

    USS Voyager firing phaser cannons

    Uss voyager firing energy dampening weapon

    USS Voyager firing an energy dampening weapon

    USS Defiant hit by energy dissipator

    Here's how it looks when a ship is hit by the energy dampening weapon


  • The Fantastic Voyager-Kristijan's superhero alter-ego
  • Pandius:Panda's sidekick alter-ego,The Fantastic Voyager's sidekick
  • Telekinetic Sorceress:Shirley's sidekick alter-ego,The Fantastic Voyager's second sidekick

Voyager is also capable of firing an energy dampening weapon.The weapon works by draining the energy of targeted ships, disabling their engines, weapons, and shields, thus making them easy targets for conventional weapons.