Kristijan's ship,USS Voyager,taking a usual flight around space

USS Voyager is Kristijan's starship which he used to get in Pocketville accidentally when he was going for China.Voyager is a Federationstarship which Starfleet gifted it to Kristijan.Later he and his friends,were going to the Pyramid and fighting Eva with Voyager.He later showed it to Shirley when she moved in to Zagreb.

Table legend: (2002)-launched in the real universe, (2402)-active status in the Star Trek prime universe, 2371-launched in the Star Trek prime universe, 2013-active status in the real world,*-former owner of the starship

Unique characteristicsEdit

Length:344.95 m

Height:66.42 m

Mass: 700,000 metric tons
Decks: 15

Warp 9.975 (max. sustainable cruise velocity)

Armaments and defensesEdit

Armaments:Phasers,destructor beam,photon torpedoes(mark VI),quantum torpedoes,phaser cannons,transphasic torpedoes,an orb containing telekinetic torpedoes,telekinetic beam and telekinetic electrocutes(provided by Shirley and her powers herself),tricobalt devices,spatial charges

Defenses:Ablative hull armor,deflector shield
626px-USS Voyager firing tri-cobalt device

Voyager firing telekinetic torpedoes at Eva's vessel in space


Kristijan used Voyager and it's deflector beam to go to China,but accidentally aimed up in Pocketville.Later,Voyager was used to find the Pyramid of King Pocketvillus.Then in a cave,which was big enough for Voyager to fly in,rocks fall on Voyager damaging it's structural integrity to 60%,which was read by Danny at the tactical console.Later,Voyager flys out of the cave and encounters Evil Kitty's vessel,where they chat for a little on-screen,where Evil Kitty says she will plot Kate,and get rid of Kristijan and the others,including the USS Voyager itself.They start a fight between the both ships,but soon Evil Kitty's vessel is destroyed by Voyager's transphasic torpedoes,fired by none other than Danny,because he was the only one at the tactical console,and you can read structural integrity from it.

Telekinetic torpedoes from the orb that Shirley provided are similar in appearance to the tricobalt devices,but only one telekinetic torpedo is forceful enough to destroy a vessel no matter how big than Voyager.As same as the telekinetic electrocute which appearance when fired is a big blue telekinetic electrocute and is also forceful as the telekinetic torpedoes.

Voyager,with deployed armor,see picture of armored Voyager between the armaments and defenses and plot,is totally impossible to be destroyed.

Kristijan's starship,USS Voyager,with the armor deployed