Twilight alicorn by steineronie-d5uzxr3
Twilight Sparkle is an Equestrian alicorn princess and the current de-facto leader of Kristijan's Freedom Fighters. She had originally met the founder and leader, Kristijan Matijević, when he had just created the force in 1st grade. However, their romantic interest for each other had started when Twilight had joined the Fighters. However, she and Flash Sentry also have romantic interest in each other, which fueled a rivalry between Kristijan and Flash. Her element is the Element of Magic.


Twilight is smart, kind and friendly. She uses these personality traits to help spread the magic of friendship of Equestria. She is the Princess of Friendship. Twilight is also known for her love of books and science. She can be really tough at times, but that never happens in Equestria, it happens in Zagreb! Especially when she's battling the Terror Force.

Along with her personality, Twilight is also known for her charms and always figures out an answer to the problem, the skill in which she surpasses Panda, which makes him a bit frustrated. In some ways, Liam and Ezzy are very fond of her skills. She can magically clash with Kate and Shirley sometimes, but all-in-all, Twilight is a great contribution to the fighting force.


  • Helping in everyway she can
  • Her Equestrian friends
  • Her Zagreb friends
  • Kristijan
  • Flash Sentry
  • Books
  • Science
  • Her faithful assistants, Spike and Owlowiscious
  • Friendship
  • Love


  • Evil
  • Chaos
  • Her Equestrian enemies
  • Her Zagreb enemies
  • When Kristijan and Flash fight each other for her


Twilight spreads the magic of friendship across Equestria, and her element is the Element of Magic, one of the Elements of Harmony. Twilight's horn usually glows white or the same hue as her coat, and the objects she is manipulating glow white, lavender, or pink. When she manipulates multiple objects at once, several other colors are used as well. She is exceptionally talented at magic. As talented as Twilight is, her spells occasionally misfire or fail.


Her first crush was on Flash Sentry, an Equestrian royal guard who also likes her. However, it is uclear if they will become an official couple or not. They bumped into each other a few times.

Her second crush that is already developing is her crush on Kristijan Matijević, the founder and head leader of his Freedom Fighting force. It is revealed that he also has a crush on Twilight and really loves her. Their friendly feelings transformed into romantic feelings when Twilight became the fighting force's de-facto leader in 6th grade recently. However, when Flash comes to Zagreb, an intensive love rivalry between Kristijan and Flash is ignited. Twilight hates it when that happens.

However, there is one thing that differs Kristijan from Flash in Twilight's relationships; Kristijan and Twilight have kissed, and Flash and Twilight hadn't.

Twilight's current crushes