Toy bonnie by little miss oshawott-d868prr
Toy Bonnie is a female animatronic that comes from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Her age is undetermined. After entering Kristijan's Freedom Fighters, she became a de-facto leader and caught the heart of the force's leader, Kristijan Matijević, who got a massive crush on her. She has also got the affection of Bonnie, who is Kristijan's main love rival for her affection. Although she might be cute, in battles she knows to be tougher than she looks.


Toy Bonnie is shown to be kind, caring and sweet; even more than Kate. But when facing an enemy, she's
Toy bonnie redo
determined, furious (especially when Kristijan is knocked over) and cold. Even though her looks might fool the enemy (male), she can become tougher and pack quite a punch(es). She is always protective of the Fighters, just like Kristijan. She can become a little annoyed when Liam or Panda sometimes pull pranks on her.

Whenever she feels instant love, she blushes heavier than other female fighting force member; That is when she blushes, her entire facial are is covered in crimson red blush.


  • Kristijan
  • Bonnie
  • Her friends
  • Helping others out
  • Pizza
  • Vanilla ice-cream
  • Singing
  • Playing her rock guitar
  • Fun


  • The Terror Force
  • Panda and Liam pulling pranks on her
  • Kristijan's and Bonnie's love rivalry
  • Chaos
  • Being embarrassed


Her first crush is on Bonnie, and he returns the affection back. They have kissed a few times and things might be staring to work out. He never said "I love you" to her, but he had shown it to her by kissing her and taking her to eat vanilla ice-cream.

Her second crush is on Kristijan Matijević. He tries very hard to please her although sometimes it doesn't work out. They kissed two times and he has risked his life five times for her, which definitely outpasses her standards for Bonnie. Once when he said "I love you" to her, she blushed entirely and, well didn't stop blushing until the end of that day.

However, Kristijan's off the charts standards have angered Bonnie and they ended up in a love rivalry. It can range from standard arguing to fighting. She hates it when they rival each other and she always has a worried look on her face at that time for the duration of the rivalry of the day.

Toy Bonnie x Bonnie gallery

NOTE: The following artworks belong to little-miss-oshawott from DeviantART.

Toy Bonnie x Kristijan gallery

NOTE: My first artwork has been based and created from this artwork of little-miss-oshawott: The second artwork has been created by my sister.