The Voyager War was a military conflict involving the USS Voyager and a million of its mirror counterparts. The war started in late 2012 in a remote sector of the Alpha Quadrant named Sector 43. The war remained dormant for nearly two years before resuming in Zagreb and the Big City. Both cities were totalled due to this war. At the end, victory was at the hands of the prime USS Voyager.

Description of the war

Ships: USS Voyager, Mirror Voyager II million mirror Voyagers
Commanders: Kristijan Matijević, Panda, Capt.Kristijan Matijević (KIA 2012.), Capt.Shirley the Loon possibly other mirror counterparts of Kristijan Matijević
Casualties: heavy damage to mirror Voyager II, death of Capt.Matijević and 15 other crewmembers, unclear if still active destruction of other Voyagers
Organizations: United Federation of Planets, United Federation of Planets (mirror) Terran Empire (mirror), United Federation of Planets (mirror)

Late 2012

Kristijan and Panda took Voyager to a remote sector of the Alpha Quadrant, little did they know that was a fatal mistake. When they arrived at the sector, they saw a battlefield of a million signatures, all reading as USS Voyager, though the Terran mirror counterparts were recognized as ISS Voyager. Immediately, a few counterparts open fire on Voyager, but don't present heavy damage. Kristijan and Panda manage to destroy them. Then they encounter a mirror counterpart, captained by Capt.Kristijan Matijević and Capt.Shirley the Loon, which is fired upon by an another counterpart. They take heavy damage and then at the end, Capt.Matijević gets killed. Kristijan, Panda and their friends on Voyager start showing sympathy so they help the mirror Voyager to escape. At the end, Voyager destroys hundreds of its mirror counterparts before leaving the sector. After that, no sign of battle was detected or seen in that sector. The war was still ongoing, but it remained dormant for nearly two years.

December 2014: The ultimatum and end of the war

After nearly two years of dormantness, the war suddenly recontinued. To this day thousands of mirror Voyagers involved in the war have survived. To Kristijan's and Panda's shock, the war had recontinued in Zagreb and the Big City. Zagreb already underwent serious damage with mirror Voyager wreckage being found everywhere, especially the Zagreb Cathedral, St.Mark's Church, the statue of Josip Jelačić, the Central Railway Station etc. Meanwhile, the Big City suffered even heavier casualties. It was being peeled like an onion. Voyager managed to destroy the entire half that was in Zagreb, while the other half that was in the Big City collapsed upon itself. 75% of Zagreb was destroyed or severely damaged, hundreds of citizens took heavy injuries. The Big City was completely destroyed, buried in rubble, its entire population suffering. Thus, the Voyager War was over, but at a big price under which two cities had to suffer because of a location reset.