Terran Empire emblem

The emblem of the Terran Empire

Terran Empire flag

Flag of The Terran Empire


The Terran Starfleet emblem from 2367.Used as a comlink badge on officers of NX-class and Constitution class

The Terran Empire was the repressive interstellar government dominated by the Terrans from Earth in the mirror universe. The Empire ruled by terror, with its Imperial Starfleet acting as its iron fist.

The Empire was the counterpart of the prime universe United Earth and the United Federation of Planets governments.

Location: Mirror universe
Capital: Earth
Head of State: Emperor
Major Species: Terran
Military: Starfleet, MACO

Mostly known:

  • ISS Enterprise(NCC-1701)
  • ISS Voyager(NCC-74656)
  • ISS Voyager(NCC-74656-A)
  • ISS Pocketville(NCC-74666)
  • ISS Intrepid(NCC-74600)
  • ISS Bellerophon(NCC-74705)


  • ISS Defiant(NX-74205)
  • ISS Enterprise-D(NCC-1701-D)
  • ISS Sao Paulo(NCC-75633)
  • ISS Valiant(NCC-75418)
  • ISS Rome(NCC-74657)
  • ISS Moscow(NCC-75655)
  • ISS Equinox(NCC-72381)
  • ISS Eldridge(NCC-173)
  • ISS Adventurer(NCC-74652)
  • ISS Anzio(NCC-74652-A)
  • ISS Dauntless(Intrepid class)(NCC-74658)
  • ISS Enterprise(NCC-1701-C)