Telekinetic sorceress

The Telekinetic Sorceress,in a rare moment in a battle against a villain

Telekinetic Sorceress is Shirley's sidekick alter-ego and is also the second sidekick of The Fantastic Voyager.Knowingly,she is also capable of great powers.
Full name: Telekinetic Sorceress
Allies: The Fantastic Voyager,Pandius
Enemies: Currently none
Portrayed by: Shirley the Loon


She has a dark blue bow and dark blue shoes,turquise pants and dark blue-green shirt and cape that all fit in the suit.

When she is Poisonous,she has a poisonous green bow and suit with poisonous green shoes,and her eyes are green,not blue.She also has brown hair instead of blonde hair.
Telekinetic sorceress 2

Telekinetic Sorceress


  • Telekinesis:She is Telekinetic Sorceress,so she is capable of telekinesis.This is one of her main powers she has.
  • Levitating:She can levitate,just like Shirley.She can pass through enemies like that.
  • Auras:She can bring her,Voyager's and Pandius' aura to double the number of heroes.The auras can be solid and colorful just like the heroes.
  • Poisonous:She can turn into a poisonous loon and stun enemies.She can also poison the enemies.
  • Warp Speed:Like Voyager and Pandius,she can activate warp speed which makes her faster than the speed of light.She can also beat up enemies faster.
    Poisonous by Ishoka

    Poisonous,one of the Telekinetic Sorceress' powers she can turn into