Star Trek Voyager The New Captain

The serie's title card

'Star Trek Voyager:The New Captain is a serie based on the aftermath of Voyagers crew.Officers Maša,Kate,Magic,William,Mela,Balloon,Danny and Maggie became the main crew of Pocketville.Four other officers:Hanžek,Jerbić,Ivković and Golomejić were assigned to another Intrepid class vessel.Shirley has shown her skills during the journeys she has been on the ship and has also became the captain of Voyager,along with Kristijan.


  • Captain Kristijan Matijević-commanding officer(CO)
  • Captain Shirley The Loon-commanding officer(CO)
  • Commander Buster Bunny-executive officer(XO)
  • Commander Babs Bunny-executive officer(XO)
  • Commander Plucky Duck-executive officer(XO)
  • Lt.Commander Fifi La Fume-tactical/chief security officer/second officer
  • Lieutenant Hamton J.Pig-operations officer/helmsman
  • Ensign Carl Cox-operations officer

From season 4,supporting characters seas. 1-3:

  • Kathryn The Loon-commanding officer/chief engineer(CO)
  • Kate The Loon-excutive/operations officer/engineer(XO)
  • Amy The Loon-science officer
  • Furrball Cat-science officer/doctor/chief medical officer(CMO)
  • Lieutenant Jennifer Wakeman(XJ-9)-command division(CO)

USS VoyagerEdit

USS Voyager has been the starship of many Captain Matijević's journeys.He had a starship before Voyager,named USS K770i,which is in the Sony Ericsson class,that looks like the mobile Sony Ericsson K770i.K770i has been of the early Federation starships.But in no doubt,another ship that Captain Matijević commanded for two years after the journey with K770i is USS Elm J10i,also a Sony Ericsson class starship but looks a little different from Kristijan's first ship.Voyager was a very well known Federation starship,besides Intrepid,the prototype that was uncertainly known by people.

The USS Voyager