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Star Trek: Pandius is a 2016 production series set to run along Star Trek: Voyager. It takes place in a alternate timeline where Commander Panda of the USS Voyager is an admiral in Starfleet Command of the Pandius Federation. The Pandius Federation is at war with the Haski Starfleet, who are a formidable force to be respected.

The show has 10 seasons with 27 episodes each. The flagship of the Pandius Federation is the Panda-class battleship USS Pandius. The flagship of the Haski Starfleet is the Haski-class battleship HSV Haskinar.


  • Admiral Panda: One of the leading admirals in Pandius Starfleet Command and commanding officer of the flagship Pandius. Ever since the war began, Panda and Haski developed a grudge. He has a relationship with Lt.Commander Roxann the Panda. He was also once involved with Vice Admiral Haskina.
  • Captain Haski: The commanding officer of the flagship Haskinar and honorary member of Haski Starfleet Command. He and Panda had developed a grudge during the Pandius-Haski War.
  • Vice Admiral Haskina: The lead admiral in Haski Starfleet Command. She had developed a slight romantic relationship with Haski.
  • Rear Admiral Franklin: An admiral in Pandius Starfleet Command. When Panda's plans don't make much sense, he starts questioning them.
  • Lt.Commander Roxann the Panda: The first officer of the Pandius. She has developed a romantic relationship with Admiral Panda. Usually, Panda isn't in command of the Pandius, except when he doesn't have any assignments or major battles are waged, so she takes his place.


  • The pandas and huskys that live on Pandius Federation and Haski Starfleet worlds are all from Earth.
  • It is unknown why the Pandius Federation uses the prefix USS on their ships.
  • The Haski Starfleet prefix HSV stands for Haski Starfleet Vessel.
  • Admiral Matijević, Voyager and the United Federation of Planets appear frequently in the series to assist the Pandius Federation against Haski Starfleet.