Shirley the loon

Shirley The Loon

Shirley The Loon was a female loon who was meant to be Kristijan's pet.She got badly hurt and turned to a human by a chemical spill.But,Kristijan gets her back to normal but it will take time for the hair and feathers to grow back.The Friendship Ceremony is never completed but Shirley becomes Kristijan's love interest.She is an active observer of the Matijević-Dark Matijević rivalry.


Shirley is kind,caring and clairvoyant.She is the 'New Age Space Cadet'.She knows when something is wrong when she senses hostile and dangerous vibes.It is always known that Shirley is very determined to warn her friends when danger is near.She acts as the 'voice of reason' in the group.

Shirley is,although very nervous sometimes when the vibes annoy her.It is always known that Shirley is the loon for you.She is very compassionate and shares her interests to her closest friends.She always knows the safest choice,just like Kristijan.She sometimes has no choice.

Shirley is a great friend anybody could have.She knows when Dark Kristijan and Santi X are around the corner.The only thing anyone is sure about is that she is one of the best friends.


  • Tarot
  • Telekinesis or telekinetic
  • Levitating and doing yoga
  • Fortune telling
  • Reading palms and reading minds
  • Astrology
  • Her crush,Kristijan


  • Dark Kristijan
  • Trouble
  • Violence
  • Being annoyed and bullied


Shirley is capable of telekinesis,levitating,summoning her aura and reading minds.


Shirley is in love with Kristijan Matijević.She shares her deep secrets for him and they are made for each other.She doesn't mind that Kristijan has two other love interests.