Santi X

Santi X is Liam X's evil twin and one of the main villans in the Pocketvile series.He has a crush on Kate.

He loves to pick on Liam X and never does his homework (or has other kids do it for him) because he hates school. 

After stealing Liam X and Ezzy X's translators, he follows Zull and Gort's instructions on how to get to Pocketville. Once there, he refuses to go back home until he's reminded of his gang.

Upon returning home, he starts telling Peter lies about Liam X, Ezzy X, and Skippy, claiming they're gangsters who would only be bad influences on Kate along with always coming by there home to help out. Peter begins to trust him after this, but stops when Liam X shows him a footage of Santi X pushing little Rosy into the community pool.

He later joins Reščić against Kristijan and his companions.


  • Playing video games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto
  • Bothering Liam X and his friends
  • Being around Kate
  • Being gross
  • Making other kids do his homework
  • Stealing
  • Getting Liam X and other kids he hates in trouble for things he did
  • His gang


  • Liam X and his ever growing friendship
  • The Friendship Song
  • The Royal Guards
  • Seeing Liam X with Kate
  • Kristijan with his ship Voyager
  • Seeing Kristijan with Kate


Santi X is actually based on one of the bullies at my school. One time, he copied Liam X and called his new character Santi X (it was actullay just a two-sided drawing of said new character). One side had the words "SANTI X" written above the character, and the other side had him riding a mortocycle. So that's when I came up with the idea for Santi X, along with a snake character, to be Liam X, Ezzy X, Skppy, and the Royal Guards' enemy.