Sally Acorn 3D SW
Sally is a 12-year old chipmunk/squirrel who had recently moved in to Trnje and had got into Grigor Vitez. From the start she had been bullied by Dark Kristijan and Santi, so she decided to join the Grigor Vitez Freedom Fighters. She had joined the force a while after the drastic change of the fighters from an anti-villain club to the school's fighting force. She came from the Kingdom of Acorn and is a princess and heir to the throne. She came here to learn until college. Also from the start Sally and Kristijan started crushing on each other, which made Shirley a lesser love interest. Her appearance has changed due to an universe altering accident due to Dark Kristijan's actions during the battle on Voyager's bridge.


Sally is brave, kind and bold, but feels awkward when Dark Kristijan targets her and her interests, wherether it involves being a princess or her crush on Kristijan. Although she's a princess, Sally acts more like a warrior. After joining the school's freedom fighters, she becomes a de-facto leader along with Kristijan and Kate, who are the leaders. She frequently loses more and more awkwardness around Dark Kristijan after joining the force and becomes an another strong fighting hand against the bullies. She has become known very well with the school and she's in Kristijan's class.

She is capable of diplomatic skills, hacking and martial arts, which makes her an excellent fighter. She is among the three strongest, the other two being Kristijan and Panda.


  • Being a school freedom fighter
  • Kristijan
  • Her fellow fighters
  • Football
  • Basketball


  • Santi X
  • Being bullied
  • Being made fun of her life and her interests (courtesy of Reščić)


Kristijan matijevic

Kristijan Matijević,, her current love interest

Her previous love interest, when she was still in the Kingdom of Acorn, was Sonic the Hedgehog. It was a devastating break-up when Sally had to leave to go to Grigor Vitez, but it soon changed.

After coming to Grigor Vitez, Sally fell in love with the hero and leader of the Grigor Vitez Freedom Fighters, Kristijan Matijević. After joining the force, Kristijan made Sally the de-facto leader because he fell in love with her, too. They know to go out together sometimes but what they often do in free time is that they play football or basketball. After a while, when nobody was looking, they shared a big romantic kiss, to which Kristijan never gave to any of his love interests.

Panda also had fallen head over heels when Sally came and has a big crush on her, but he hides it.
Sonic the hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally's former love interest


  • Diplomatic skills- Sally ensures her diplomatic position with these skills.
  • Hacking-Sally is able of hacking any machine.
  • Martial arts skills-She is capable of fighting in martial styles of fighting (karate, judo, taekwondo).