Pocketville Isles
Pocketville Isles (population: 350) is the sixth settlement by size in Urbania, right behind Coastline Town. It is situated on two small islands that are close to Coastline Town, and they are to the south of the town.

There is no mayor. People who maintain the grand prix racetracks and their families live underneath, in underground homes. They advertise the Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville TV series, and an annual Pocket Race is held, every July.


Pocketville Isles were inhabited in 2012. A grand prix racetrack was created and since 2013, it advertises Puppy in my Pocket. The population is 350, including maintenance and their families. Since 2014, on every July, the annual Pocket Race is held, with 4 racers racing 50 laps on this tight course.

Emergency start, finish, and multilap track components are kept on the smaller island to replace damaged components on the racetrack.