Plucky Duck
Plucky Duck is a hyper-active and egocentric young duck. He's lovable due to his innate wackiness and his tragic and comic flaws. Plucky is driven by blind ambition. He has big dreams of wealth, fame and power, but he's so desperate to get them that he always falls victim to his own wild schemes. Plucky has the uncensored mind of a child; he's all selfishness and irrational imagination. Plucky always thinks that he knows best or thinks that he is the best.


He always has an angle; always has a scheme to dodge work or responsibility. He rarely studies and finishes his homework five minutes before the bell, if at all. He is easily frustrated and quick to give up. He can be paranoid, thinking everybody's out to get him. He's insanely jealous of Buster's coolness.


  • Being competitive
  • Goofing off
  • To think that he is the best
  • Being greedy


  • Reščić
  • Santi X
  • School


Plucky loves Shirley and is crazy for her,but she always rejects him due to his ego.Shirley only has eyes for Kristijan so Plucky takes on something sneaky to drive Shirley away from Kristijan.