Penny Fitzgerald is a 12-year old antlered peanut who makes her debut in the 6th season of Another fanfic. She does start making cameos in the Grigor Vitez university in the 4th season, being in the background along with the other students. Kristijan is the first to meet her, when he visited Elmore. Some while later, she becomes another one of Kristijan's love interest and like Kate and Sally, was destined to become a Grigor Vitez Freedom Fighter, and she did a while later. She changes her shell each season. In spring and autumn, her shell is rounded while in summer and winter, her shell is peanut-shaped. She is also a cheerleader in the university. Dark Kristijan made Penny another one of his targets the moment she came, like he does with every love interest of Kristijan's.


Penny is very nice and friendly. She has a strong sense of integrity. Like Sally, Penny started to feel awkward around her first encounter with Dark Kristijan as well, that is until Kristijan came on the scene. She has a yellow book she often reads and uses as a weapon, throwing it at any Terror Force member. Like most of the Freedom Fighters, she is very athletic, being a cheerleader firmly shows that. She previously has been the girlfriend of Gumball Watterson before arriving at Grigor Vitez, now she's the girlfriend of Kristijan. Even though this is evident, she still has feelings for Gumball.

Penny is a very skilled fighter and is also capable of diplomatic skills like Kate and Sally and impressive fighting skills like Kristijan and Panda. On a few occasions, she charged on Dark Kristijan with her antlers which sent him flying on the other end of the hall. Because of that action, Penny became the bearer of the de-facto leader. Sally became a little sad because of this, but continued to act normally.


  • Her friends
  • Kristijan
  • Gumball
  • Order
  • Nature
  • Poetry
  • Good


  • Dark Kristijan
  • Evil
  • Destruction and chaos
  • The Terror Force


  • Kristijan Matijević

When Penny was transferred to this school, Kristijan gained a little crush on her. Over time that crush had grown so much, she became his love interest and an official fighter. The first time they met is when Kristijan visited Elmore, and while not looking, accidentally bumped into her. Because of Penny's antler charge on Dark Kristijan, she became the de-facto leader. They shared two kisses on the lips, and now it's not sure who Kristijan loves more; Kate or Penny.

  • Gumball Watterson

Before Penny transferred to Grigor Vitez, she was in love with Gumball, but they weren't capable of expressing their love to each other normally. Both were devestated by Penny's transfer, and today, she still has feelings for Gumball.