Peaches is one of Buster's friends.She formerly had been Eva's allie,but she rejected her when she found out that Eva was cruel.

Character profile

  • Personality: Serious, loyal, vicious, naive, sly, intelligent, tomboy-ish, and supportive.
  • Relationships: Eva's daughter,Kristijan,Buster,Kovu,Ming Ming,Geno and Gurri
  • Affiliation: Bad, later good.
  • Home: Pocketville,later Zagreb.
  • Allies: Her mother,  Eva (formerly); Buster; Kristijan; Kovu; Ming Ming
  • Likes: Her friends
  • Dislikes: Her mom, and when everybody calls her Eva.
  • Quote: "You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now, I'm the bad guy."