Pandius is a class M arid planet and the capital planet of the Pandius Federation. It is the homeworld of the dominant species, pandas. It is around the same size as Earth. 75% of the planet is arid and desert-like, but the pandas have adapted to the environment. On this planet, the Pandius Federation was founded in 2351. It is a planet of extreme strategical importance in the Pandius-Haski War, as a good deal of battles were waged there, the most notorious being the First Battle of Pandius.

The star around which Pandius was orbiting was named Sol Alpha, in the honor of Earth's sun, Sol.


Battle of Pandius

The Pandius and the Haskinar fighting in near-Pandius orbit during the First Battle of Pandius

The Haski Starfleet had originally wanted this planet to be their homeworld. In 2351, they were nearly there before the Pandius Federation came there and made it their homeworld, establishing their roots there.

Over the next two weeks, Haski Starfleet tried to reason with the Pandius Federation since they were still offworlders. The Pandius Federation denied every request. The Haski Starfleet organized a series of small conflicts, three of them taking place near Pandius, but Pandius Starfleet's Panda-class battleships destroyed or heavily damaged their small scout ships and fighters.

Three years later, the Haski-class was developed and 127 vessels of this class went for an assault on Pandius. Pandius at that time was being guarded by a handful of Panda-class battleships, the rest of the fleet was colonizing other worlds. The First battle of Pandius began. The Haski-class at the time was more advanced than the Panda-class. Still, the handful was capable of destroying 31 vessels. Later, they were taking heavy damage. Reinforcements made it in time and Pandius was barely saved.

This resulted in the Panda-class battleships becoming more advanced. Three more major battles took place, named Second, Third and Fourth respectively, along with dozens of smaller, less important conflicts, all won by Pandius Federation.

The war reached its end when a new powerful species named the Pranax assaulted Haski Starfleet. The Pandius made a disastrous first contact with them and the Pranax soon assaulted the Pandius Federation as well. In the latest battle, Pandius Federation, the United Federation of Planets and Haski Starfleet, united and barely won against a Pranax planet killer which was sent to destroy Pandius.