Pandius is Panda's sidekick alter-ego who is a sidekick of Kristijan's superhero alter-ego, The Fantastic Voyager. He is known to be a faithful sidekick.
Full name: Pandius
Allies: The Fantastic Voyager, Telekinetic Sorceress
Enemies: Currently none
Portrayed by: Panda


Just like Panda, but with a cape the same color as water.


  • Headbutt: He is able to do a super Headbutt which can lightly damage an opponent. He has an evolution of that power.
  • Cape: His cape is capable of brining an enemy with it. He can stun enemies with his cape.
  • Cobalt disks: Cobalt blue disks who shoot out as disks containing cobalt which can quickly harm enemies.
  • Liquidator: The Liquidator is a special water bomb which will liquidate enemies, but after 3 minutes, they will turn back into their original form!
  • Warp Speed: Like The Fantastic Voyager, Panduis can also run, but a little slower than the Voyager!
  • Double Headbutt: An evolution of Pandius' Headbutt power which he is able to do the Headbutt attack 2 times in a row. This cannot critically damage enemies.