Panda-class battleship
The Panda-class was a battleship and the only class in the Pandius Federation fleet. Its' prototype, the USS Pandius was the flagship of the Pandius Starfleet. Its service began in the 2350s, gaining a first refit in 2352. It is extremely powerful, heavily armed and cunningly fast for a ship of its size. There are over 750,000 Panda-class battleships in operation. While they weren't "long" like most vessels, they were extremely long in height. They were said to be as high as a Borg cube, approximately 3 kilometers. Despite its height, there was tighter and more limited space, giving it a crew of 2671 maximum.


  • owner: Pandius Federation
  • operator: Pandius Starfleet
  • mass: 2,000,000 metric tons
  • decks: 120
  • crew complement: 2671 max.,1,000,000 in evacuation max.
  • speed: warp 9
  • armaments: 172 phaser banks with type XII phasers (similar to Federation type XII phasers), 6 photon torpedo launchers (two fore from nose area, one on each side on arms and one aft in the behind), mark IX photon torpedoes, pulse cannons (from eyes), 1 phaser array (from both eyes)
  • defenses: regenerative shielding, ablative hull armor (like Defiant's, but tougher)
  • length: 725 m
  • height: 3000 m

Commisioned vessels

  • USS Pandius (PFS-72312)
  • USS China (PFS-11634)
  • USS Tibet (PFS-10026)
  • USS Bamboo (PFS-45213)
  • USS Sapiens (PFS-74205)
  • USS Zagreb (PFS-99216)
  • USS Prime (PFS-22614)