A bipedal Panda found on Pandius


A normal panda found on Earth

Pandas are a predatory species that have originated from planet Earth. Until the mid-24th century, they were an endangered species on Earth, populating Tibet in China. The United Federation of Planets started experimenting on them, mixing Human DNA with Panda DNA. This resulted in pandas being able to speak human languages, eat human food, walk on two paws (feet), be extremely intelligent etc. This new type of panda earned itself the latin name of Ailuropoda sapiens. The original panda was known as Ailuropoda melanoleuca. Around 2345, the new intelligent panda species left Earth using some of Federation Starfleet's vessels and populated a class M arid planet named Pandius. Later they colonized other worlds and created the Pandius Federation. Their gigantic Panda-class battleships were modeled after the bipedal panda. They are the major species of the organization.

Known Members