Panda west
Panda is a 14-year old panda who lives in Bay City. He was born in Tibet, and later becomes Kristijan's best friend in Zagreb. He recently moved to Bay City in early 2016. He lives with Kristijan as his roommate, and becomes best friend to Judy Hopps. He loves exploring Bay City, and loves sunsets in the desert.


Panda is usually brave and calm, but on occasion he can get nervous or jumpy. He often embraces urban culture, and knows to talk in Afro-American slang with words such as homie or bro.

He loves his friends, and often jumps the gun to save them. Panda is practically the strongest out of the three, but he is also the slowest runner, although occasionally he will match their speed if he has enough strength. One of Panda's most iconic features is the red bow he always wears. He's very sensitive about his slight plumpness, which is responsible for his low stamina and speed.


Panda's biggest love is Star Trek, particularly Star Trek: Voyager. He loves watching movies inspired by urban culture, and he also loves to play Star Trek: Legacy and Minecraft. He loves urban culture, especially graffiti. He loves sunsets in the desert. In fact, he loves the desert and is the efficionado on the environment.

His best hobby is sleeping. In fact, he once slept 14 hours non-stop. He loves exploring Bay City and loves and is an expert on his species. The other best hobby is eating, his favorite food is lasagna.


Panda has no romantic interest.