Panda is Kristijan's faithful companion just like Magic is Kate's faithful companion.Panda is always helping Kristijan and will never let go of him,especially when Dark Kristijan issues clog up.He does anything he can to help Kristijan.Kristijan loves having Panda as his pet and appreciates his honorary help.


Panda is pure-hearted and very brave like Kristijan and will never give up on any situation.Despite being his pet,Panda always helps Kristijan in any situation and is a companion.This red-bowed panda has a big sense of humor just like Kristijan.

Panda knows when there's something wrong like few of Kristijan's friends and is always there on the need.He fills the complicated crack in problems and is a computer expert like Kristijan.He's your guy in any kind of deal that comed up.He has simple answers that are very useful and correct.Panda sticks to his friends side and has his two feet on the ground.Unlike other pandas,he is the only one who walks on two legs.

In a great read-out stick,Panda is very determined to complete his goal:make his friends happy.He has some kind of sticks but never had had an actual non-solved problem.He is the key to any answer so many times that he is sometimes called Mr.Answer.Panda likes Kristijan and what he's doing.He loves travelling and exploring and mainly helps when Reščić is there to get in Kristijan's nerves.


  • Kristijan
  • Alternate Sally
  • His friends.
  • Being the key to any answer.
  • Kristijan's starship.
  • Exploring and travelling.


  • Dark Kristijan
  • Not having a solution.
  • Being humiliated.
  • Seeing Kristijan humiliated.
  • Santi X


Panda tried to look for a love interest who is very beautiful but never actually found one.That happens later.He is an acquintance with Shirley,best friends with Kristijan,Kate,Magic and Liam X.He once almost had a love interest.It was a female panda named Roxann.They liked each other until another male panda won her heart.He barely saw her from ever since.Then another female panda named Kate came up but quickly broke up with him because he was too smart and funny for her class.Panda had a broken heart because Roxann and Kate weren't interested in him.Soon,when the anti-villain club was created,Kate saw Panda on Kristijan's side(she hated Kristijan,too) and decided to join Dark Kristijan's former anti-Kristijan club.Panda was especially angered when he saw her pass to Dark Kristijan's side.Later,Roxann returned to Panda because she missed him,when she found out that Panda's last love interest Kate the Panda hated him,she joined Kristijan's club.

After the alternate Sally Acorn came from an another universe and joined the force, Panda fell in love with her, too and had lost his crush for prime Sally. They had kisses and once Panda accidentally got her pregnant.