Nicole the Lynx is the organic counterpart of Nicole the Holo-Lynx. She was accidentally created in an experiment featuring humanoid shaped holograms to be converted into organics. Originally, Voyager's EMH was supposed to be transformed into an organic, but something was wrong with the machine's targeting scanners, and holo-Nicole was targeted instead. The ray hit her, transforming her into an organic, and then moments later, holo-Nicole was reactivated. Since then, organic Nicole joined the Fighters and fought alongside them.


Organic Nicole retains the same emotions, thoughts, dreams, likes and dislikes as the original Nicole. Among those, there are also her immense knowledge and hacking skills, though holo-Nicole would be more useful for the Digital World.

Among her feelings, original Nicole's crush on Kristijan has attached itself to organic Nicole as well, and she even described Kristijan as a "very appealing human". However, since Kristijan is in love with holo-Nicole, she can't become his girlfriend, and she understands this. Nevertheless, she still keeps crushing on Kristijan.


  • Her friends
  • Kristijan
  • Her original counterpart (sister-like relationship)
  • Good


  • Dark Kristijan and his fighters
  • Evil


Her crush is Kristijan Matijević, due to the fact that all of the original Nicole's memories sticked with her, including her feelings for others.

However, organic Nicole still understands why she can't be with Kristijan because he is in a relationship with holo-Nicole, and she respects that.

Also, she has started talking about the idea to clone Kristijan, or make a holo-version of him, but none of that was confirmed.

Kristijan matijevic 2

Like the original Nicole, organic Nicole's love interest is Kristijan Matijević