Kristijan x
Kristijan X is the counterpart of Kristijan that lives on the alternate Mobius. After Sonic had died in his universe, Kristijan X takes on his role as de-facto leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. He isn't as tall as the prime/current Kristijan, he is a bit shorter; around Santi X's height. He shares his name with Liam and Santi (letter X) and has gained a crush on Kate. He also doesn't have Voyager or any phasers but he has the same personality as his prime universe counterpart. He also didn't meet Shirley, Kate, Panda, Liam, Santi, Ezzy, Reščić, Ava or the Royal Guards until the alternate Acorn Kingdom sent him on a mission to the prime universe.


Kristijan X has the same personality as Kristijan Matijević, only that he hasn't been born with any acknowledgeable surname. When he arrived to the prime universe, he gained a crush on Kate (so obvious), which sometimes leads him to a love rivalry with prime Kristijan and Liam. He has a T-shirt and shorts which colours match the colours on the prime Kristijan's sweatshirt and pants. He also wears green shoes with white stripes mirroring Sonic the Hedgehog and prime Kristijan when he was turned into a hedgehog. He also retains his warp speed ability and his sense of humor but he never went to school so he doesn't know anything about sports. Unlike the prime Kristijan, Kristijan X shares a trait with Liam; the Asperger Syndrome. Also unlike the prime Kristijan, Kristijan X wasn't bullied because he never went to school and never has experienced bullying. Kristijan X also doesn't have a clue about Pocketville until the prime Kristijan takes him to the kingdom with Voyager, which he also learned about, too. Just before Kristijan X left, the prime Kristijan gave him a PADD containing the blueprints of the USS Voyager, so that he will build his own Voyager soon. Then after builiding his Voyager, he comes to permanently stay in the prime universe, which means the love rivalry continues!


  • Pocketville
  • His fellow Freedom Fighters
  • Kristijan, Liam and the others
  • Kate
  • Voyager
  • Videogames
  • Adventure


  • Dr.Eggman
  • Evil
  • Kristijan and Liam when he is locked into a love rivalry with them
  • Chaos


When Kristijan X arrived to the prime universe, he gained a crush on Kate, which also earned him an another achievement; a love rivalry with prime Kristijan and Liam X. He once tried to express his feelings to Kate, but was too shy to do it, P.S. it also ticked off Kate a bit. He has taken pictures of Kate so he will remember her if he doesn't return to the prime universe again. He also had taken a sample of her hair so that when manages to create a cloning device, he can create a clone of Kate using the DNA in her hair. Now that's a little weird, isn't it? :P