KM game

The video game cover

Kristijan Matijević : The video game' is a spin-off videogame of 'Puppy in my Pocket'.It is made by Giochi Preziosi and K Productions(who are created by Kristijan).It is based on tasks of fighting against your enemies.The master boss and enemy of the game is Dark Kristijan,Kristijan's arch enemy.He comes on the final level.

Playable characters


Level 1:The Petbuster returns

When Kristijan,Kate,Liam and the others are having fun,The Petbuster enters and wants to take The Friendship Heart and Ava.Now they must do something before it's too late.

The most preferred character

1.Kristijan Matijević 100%

2.Liam X 95%

3.Shirley The Loon 80%

4.Panda 50%

5.Leonarda 25 %

6.Kate 5%

Level 2:Santi X strikes

Kristijan and the others were taking a nice field trip in the forest when Santi X comes and steals Kate.Will they free Kate from Santi's clutches.

The most preferred character

1.Liam X 98%

2.Kristijan Matijević 96%

3.Panda 72%

4.Shirley The Loon 50%

5.Leonarda 45%

Level 3:Shirley is being bullied

Kristijan,Kate and Liam were at school on a 10-minute break when they hear Shirley.Kristijan sees Shirley is bullied.Will they have enough courage to stop the bully news?

Most preferred character

1.Kristijan Matijević 85%

2.Liam X 80%

3.Kate 75%

Level 4:The Kate Chronicles

Kate has a job as an editor in the school's newspaper and one day someone writes a mean article about her.Will they figure out who it is?(NOTE:It is one of the bullies.)

The most preferred character

1.Kate 99%

2.Liam X 90%

3.Kristijan Matijević 85%

Final level:Dark Kristijan's big strike

Dark Kristijan stole Kate and Shirley and now it's up to Kristijan and the others to get the two back and ultimately defeat Dark Kristijan once and for all.

The most preferred character

1.Kristijan Matijević 100%

2.Panda 95%

3.Liam X 90%

4.Leonarda Matijević 80%

Bonus levels

The Panda Mysteries

Panda is getting cyberbullied but he knows computers very well.He calls the others for help.Will Panda stop cyberbullying?

The most preferred character

1.Panda 99%

2.Kristijan Matijević 97%

3.Kate 95%

4.Liam X 90%

5.Shirley The Loon 85%

6.Leonarda Matijević 50%


The gameplay is similar to 'Assassin's Creed 3',but however there is no assassin gameplay in this game.In the upper left corner of the gameplay are three bars.The red is for health,the blue for energy and green for moves.To get your health up,rest on a safe spot to recover.To recover energy,collect energy bars.For moves it takes only 2 sec. to recover all by themself.

All of the three bars