Kristijan west
Kristijan Matijević is a 14-year old boy who lives in Bay City. He was born in Zagreb, and he recently moved to Bay City in early 2016. He lives with his best friend and roommate, Panda, and is the boyfriend of Judy Hopps. He loves walking and admiring the city (and urban culture in general), and often explores it with Panda and Judy.


Kristijan is charismatic, selfless, brave and intrepid. He is also over-confident, which is actually one of Kristijan's biggest flaws. This flaw is exploited on occasion and leads to trouble in most cases.

He deeply cares about his friend and girlfriend and would go to the ends of the world just to do anything for them. Kristijan is lightly strong, but he makes up for it for being a fast runner, capable of outmatching Judy (who is a rabbit). At one point, Judy herself compared Kristijan to Usain Bolt. He is also smart and a quick thinker, but as we said, because of his over-confidence, he can leap before he thinks.


Kristijan's biggest love is Star Trek, particularly Star Trek: Voyager. He loves being on the computer and playing video games such as TrackMania, Star Trek: Legacy and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. He adores urban culture, particularly graffiti and the whole concept of a city. He also loves cities by the sea (like Bay City) and loves to watch sunsets (mostly on the sea).

He loves geography and history. Sleeping is among his hobbies, and he's known to play football (soccer) inside the stadium on the smaller training field.


Kristijan is in a romantic relationship with Judy Hopps. At first, he only had a crush on her.

Kristijan and Panda were the first to move to Bay City. A week later, Judy moves to the city, which Kristijan and Panda find out when they see Judy and her family while they were strolling down East Road.

They meet a day later at the building where Kristijan and Panda live. Kristijan gains a crush on her, and at times is capable of expressing his feelings for her. There were a few occasions where he found it difficult to keep it together.

About two weeks later, Judy finally returns his feelings and they become boyfriend and girlfriend.