Alt matijević

Alternate Matijević resembles Kevin!!!

Kristijan Matijević is the alternate counterpart of the real world Kristijan Matijević.He goes to school with alternate Kate and alternate Liam X.He is a huge Star Trek fan like Kristijan,but never gets Voyager in his timeline.He's always targeted by bullies,but is defended by alt.Liam X and the alternate version of Liam's cousin.Like Kristijan,he goes to Pocketville so he can stand up to the bullies and the alternate Shirley is chosen as his pet.Accidentally,she is badly injured by a chemical spill just as in the real world.But after a few days after coming back to Earth,Shirley accidentally dies after a big explosion happens from mixing chemicals which the bullies have caused.The alternate Kate had needed to be his love interest,but after the explosion,she just stays a friend to him.


He looks and resembles Kevin with blonde hair and gray eyes,but always wears a black shirt.That black shirt resembles Kristijan's black shirt that he wears sometimes.


Kate(friend),Liam X(best friend),Leoanrda(sister),Shirley(pet and acquintance until her death)