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Kristijan's Many Merry Adventures

Kristijan's Many Merry Adventures is a serie based on a boy named Kristijan Matijević and his many adventures with his friends.You will take on an adventure with a ship,a boy,his friends and his arch enemy.


  • Kristijan Matijević:A 10-year old boy that has a ship.He has many wild adventures and he has courage and a strong heart.
  • Kate:A 10-year old girl that is Kristijan's first love interest and a friend of his other interest,Shirley The Loon.She has a faithful dog named Magic.
  • Shirley The Loon:A clairvoyant loon who is Kristijan's next door neighbour and his second love interest.She is Kate's friend.She moved from Acme Acres to Zagreb.
  • Magic:Kate's german shepherd and faithful companion.He is very protective of Kate and won't let anything bad happen to her.
  • Panda:Kristijan's pet and faithful companion.He is also courageous and kind like the others.He is often dragged into Kristijan's amazing adventures.
  • Leonarda Matijević:Kristijan's younger sister.She is very interested into listening music.She is also a part of an everyday adventure.
  • Haski:Leonarda's faithful companion.Like Magic,he is very protective of Leonarda and he is playful.Leonarda counts on him.
  • Ava:She is the princess of Pocketville.
  • William:He is the leader of the Royal Guards.
  • Mela:She is a member of the Royal Guards.
  • Balloon:She is a member of the Royal Guards.
  • Danny:He is a member of the Royal Guards.
  • Unknown bully:Kristijan's arch enemy.He always thinks how Kristijan is rude and obnoxious when that isn't the true side of Kristijan.

Beginning story

It starts when Kristijan was planning to go to China.He wanted to activate a rift to China by using the USS Voyager's deflector.He took Voyager into the rift and accidentally aimed up in Pocketville.Kate and the others welcomed Kristijan to Pocketville.Kristijan said that he was going to China.After an hour,Kristijan got back home.Two days after,a new neighbour came.Her name is Shirley The Loon.They started telling their interests to one another and fell quickly in love,making Shirley Kristijan's second love interest.One day,when Kristijan and Shirley were on Voyager,Kristijan got her to Pocketville.She met Kate and they became best friends to one another.One day,Kristijan came to Kate's aid when the Petbuster returned for his revenge.But Kristijan saved her with his karate.Thus,the big adventure begins.