The fighting force flag

Kristijan's Freedom Fighters, formerly Kristijan's Anti-Villain Club is a fighting force with the purpose to stop bullying and to push Dark Kristijan and his allies over the edge. They've been battling the Terror Force for six years before they finally collapsed.

After mvoing to a new school at the beginning of 7th grade, the former Terror Force members resurface and join the Dominion, who have been the allies of the Terror Force back in the day. Halfway through the school year, half the members leave the fighting force, significantly weakening the team.


  • Founder/Leader
  • Bureaucrat
  • Fighter
  • Striker


Here the members of the club are shown with their rank.

Former members

Here are the former members of the fighting force.


  • (†) - The ranks of de-facto leader, private and beginner were decommissioned after 7th grade began.
  • There are currently eight members on the team, with 9 members having left. The Terror Force has five members.