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Kate is a girl who had an adventure already.She continues her adventure path with Kristijan.Magic follows her wherever she goes.It is tricky with the local bully,Eva and the Petbuster,but with Kristijan's help,she makes it through the rocks of the path.Kate is very social.

Character ProfileEdit

Full Name: Kate (last name is unknown)

Gender: Female

Born: 26 December 2002

Age: 10

Place of Birth: Rome, Italy

Former homeplace:Big City

Current Homeplace: Zagreb,Croatia

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Personality: Caring, kind, well-mannered, and pure-hearted

Likes: Magic, her family, visiting Pocketville, her friends,Kristijan

Dislikes: Eva, Petbuster,the local bully


Michael (brother)

Kristijan(love interest)

Shirley(best friend)

Magic (pet)

Ava (best friend)

Panda (friend)

Haski (friend)

William (friend)

Mela (friend)

Balloon (friend)

Danny (friend)