Island Palm City

Island Palm City (grouping of islands in the middle), surrounded by local islands

Island Palm City (population: 1.5 million) is the third largest city in Urbania. It was second largest until the completion of Amethyst City in 2016. Although it doesn't look much like a city, it has an aircraft industry and an aeronautic and space industry. It is a top tourist attraction, and often rivals Bay City in tourism.

It's not known who the mayor of the city is. It has three parts: the largest is the Centre. the second largest is the Tourist Island and the smallest is the Eastern Island.


Island Palm City came to be as a small settlement on a few islands a few kilometers away from the coast. When it was founded in 1971, it was known as Sunset Palm. There were only two hotels, and most people lived in houses made out of palm leaves and they helped each other to adapt to the tropical way of living.

In 1986, more buildings have been constructed, and most people, along with new arrivals, moved to those buildings. During that year the population was 350,000. In 1995, more buildings and hotels are constructed as Sunset Palm expands on the two largest neighbouring islands. More hotels and restaurant and guest huts along the beach are constructed.

In 1999, Sunset Palm is renamed to Island Palm City. The population reaches 750,000. In 2001, a space industry is put in motion in the middle of the largest island, that is, the core of the city. In 2004, an aircraft industry has been set in the same place as the space industry, and the two industries grew to work next to each other.

In 2009, the population was 1.2 million. Since 2010, TrackMania games were being advertised in the city, from 2012, Puppy in My Pocket joined the advertising lineup, and the latest edition since 2016 was Judy Hopps (Zootopia) advertising.