Iss voyager icc 74656
ISS Voyager (ICC-74656) is the mirror universe counterpart of USS Voyager. Voyager is an Intrepid-class warship in the operation of the Terran Empire. It's main mission was to destroy its prime counterpart operated by Kristijan's Freedom Fighters. It was successful a few times in damaging them severely, but they abandoned their mission when they were critically damaged in their final confrontation at the hands of their prime counterparts.

Voyager is currently the flagship of the Terran Empire and a taskforce getting ready to conquer prime universe Earth and take out the Freedom Fighters.


  • Fleet Admiral Kristijan Matijević - commanding officer
  • Admiral Panda - commanding/executive officer, chief of tactical operations
  • Vice Admiral Toy Bonnie - executive officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Liam X - tactical/chief security officer
  • Lieutenant Ezzy X - helmsman
  • Lieutenant jr. grade Sally Acorn - operations officer
  • Ensign Penny Fitzgerald - chief engineer/operations officer
  • NICOLE - EMH/chief medical officer

Substitute crew (in case the first crew is incapable of duty)

  • Vice Admiral Kate - commanding officer
  • Commander Twilight Sparkle - executive officer
  • Lieutenant Roxann the Panda - tactical/chief security officer
  • Lieutenant jr.grade Jane - helmsman
  • Lieutenant jr.grade Shirley the Loon - chief engineer/operations officer
  • Ensign Skippy - operations officer
  • NICOLE - EMH/chief medical officer

Armaments and defenses

  • Eight phaser cannons in front upper and ventral part of phaser array
  • 170 quantum and tricobalt torpedoes
  • Reinforced regenerative deflector shielding
  • Reinforced hull armor
  • 257 phaser banks
  • 155 photon banks
  • 25 pulse cannons along the middle and back parts of upper and ventral phaser array