Huskys are a predatory species that have originated from planet Earth. Their dominant sub-species, the Siberian Husky, lived on the Earth's North Pole until the mid-24th century. Like with pandas, the huskys were experimented on by the United Federation of Planets with Human and Husky DNA. It resulted in all the same traits except eating human food and walking on two paws (feet). Their latin name is Canis lupus familiaris, or the domestic dog. They never had their own latin name because they were always domesticated by Humans. They left Earth around 2340 and attempted to colonize Pandius, but failed when pandas got there first. They finally colonized on a class M ice planet, Haskinar, and founded the Haski Starfleet. Their Haski-class battleships were modeled after the husky. They are the major species of the organization.

Known members