Kristijan aka human the german shepherd
Human the German Shepherd is the second accidental animal incarnation of Kristijan Matijević. The first one was a green Mobian hedgehog. His friends called him Kristijan, as normal, but the Pocketville citizens called him Human until he returned back to normal. He looks similar to Magic, but differs from him still having his blue eyes. He also differs from every pet in Pocketville by the specific fact that he does not wear a collar. Even still, he retains warp speed (he's as fast as normal human self) and he is faster than his Mobius hedgehog incarnation. No one knew, not even Kristijan who turned him into a German Shepherd or how was he turned. Eventually, Dark Kristijan is found as the culprit for Kristijan's transformation. Dark Kristijan tries to run away from the Dark Kristijan-presumed 'weakling' but unfortunately Kristijan uses warp speed and beats him to the pulp. Later, he transforms back to normal.