Hopps Grand Prix
Hopps Grand Prix (population: 200) is the second smallest settlement of Urbania. It is situated on two small islands very similar to Pocketville Isles that are close to Coastline Town, and they are to the north of the town.

There is no mayor. People who maintain the grand prix racetracks and their families live underneath, in underground homes. They advertise Judy Hopps from Zootopia, and an annual Hopps Grand Prix is held, every August.


Hopps Grand Prix was settled in 2015. A grand prix racetrack was created and it advertised Judy from Zootopia from the very beginning. Since the August of 2015, every year, the Hopps Grand Prix is held, with 10 racers racing 95 laps. Even though it's younger, the Hopps Grand Prix is a bigger event than the Pocket Race.

The smaller island is empty. No emergency components or underground homes are located on it.