Haskinar is a class M ice planet and the capital planet of the Haski Starfleet. It is the homeworld of the dominant species, huskys. It is around the same size as Earth. 89% of the planet is entirly covered in ice and arctic conditions, which made the huskys feel at home since they were built for this kind of environment. On this planet, the Haski Starfleet was founded in 2352. It is a planet of extreme strategical importance in the Pandius-Haski War, as a good deal of battles were waged there.

The star around which Haskinar was orbiting was named Canis, after the latin name for the dog/wolf.


This planet was populated by huskys in 2351 after they failed to populate Pandius, the homeworld of the pandas. A year later they founded the Haski Starfleet and started a war with the Pandius Federation.

There were four battles for Haskinar. The Third Battle of Haskinar was the only battle won by the Pandius Federation, but the pandas didn't want to take Haskinar, they just wanted to teach the huskys a lesson.