Houndoom love by sara121089-d36oaoa

Geno and Gurri ​are twins who are almost never seen apart. They often complete sentences in tandem with each other. Both of them can be rather stuck-up, but they can also be good friends to everyone in Zagreb when they want to be. Since their parents are rich, they always have the latest toys, but often grow bored with them soon after receiving them. In fact, they have so many toys that they actually toss out bushels of them every morning.

Geno and Gurri are also highly intelligent for their age and can understand concepts far beyond their years. They have a strong moral compass, but are lacking in social skills, which led to the creation of their imaginary friend, Rufus.

Character profiles

  • Personality: Kind, lovable, funny, and loyal.
  • Dream Occupations: Fashion designer (Gurri), Rapper (Geno)
  • Affiliations: Good
  • Allies: Kristijan,Buster,Ming Ming,Kovu,Kate,Liam X,Magic
  • Enemies: Reščić,Santi X and other villains
  • Likes: James, parents, and honey (Gurri); Parents and honey (Geno).  
  • Dislikes: Mice (Gurri), Eva (Geno)
  • Quote: "I doubt Eva would ever say, 'Please!'" (Gurri); "You're brilliant, Gurri! Brilliant!" (Geno)