Flash sentry by hampshireukbrony-d6awrlb
Flash Sentry is a male pegasus and an Equestrian royal guard. Twilight Sparkle is the apple of his eye, but when two interests had clashed, Kristijan Matijević became determined to bring Flash down and hated him to the core. The love rivalry intensified everytime both of them came around Twilight, and Twilight didn't want that to happen.


Flash Sentry is shown to be kind and gentlemanly, as evidenced by his helping Twilight when she falls over on two occasions. He returns Twilight's feelings of affection towards him as a human. In both films, he also shows signs of social awkwardness and clumsiness.

However, his affections for Twilight have earned him a brutal rival; Kristijan Matijević, a 13-year old human who is the leader of the school's fighting force. Flash has great strength and confidence, but Kristijan unbelieveably surpasses him in power, speed and agility. Before Flash can react; BOOM! - Kristijan strikes. Just like Kristijan hates Flash, Flash hates Kristijan.


  • Twilight
  • Rock music


  • Kristijan