Fifi La Fume is French and very flirtatious. She speaks in a French accent, mainly speaking English with a few French words. She also shares the same faults as her idol; intense skunk-odor and an inability to take "no" for an answer when pursuing the romantic object of her choice. When she falls in love, she loses all self-control and will not allow anything to stop her from literally capturing her prey.


The skunkette's fumes can be lethal. She pursues her would-be suitor with reckless abandon. She'll do anything to snare her prey. She buys new clothes and expensive perfumes, but nothing seems to work. She never seems to get the guy. Love brings out the smelly aroma in Fifi.


  • Romance
  • Hamton
  • Her friends


  • Reščić
  • Santi X
  • Having no lovers


Ffi is in love with Hamton. A successful exercise in "opposites attract." Hamton is more than willing to ignore her stench for her attention, which he often succeeds in doing. Fifi may also perhaps not give off her musk around Hamton, as no clouds of stench appear visible whenever she embraces him. Hamton is also the only one of her love interests able to endure Fifi's strong embrace.