Desert Oil Processing
Desert Oil Processing (population: 150) is the smallest and least populated settlement of Urbania. It is the only oil rafinery in the state and provides oil for Urbania and California. It has four highways, three of which branch out to different parts of Urbania and one that leads for California.

People who live here live in RVs and mobile homes. There is no mayor. The rafinery is literally right in the middle of Urbania's vast desert.


Desert Oil Processing was opened in 1974. People who worked there had to drive to and from the rafinery for 6 hours each. They got one day off between working days to get some rest. By 1995, people who worked here moved here along with their families and lived in mobile homes to save fuel.

Since 2004, Desert Oil Processing advertised TrackMania games and to this very day, it still does advertise TrackMania, nothing else.