Dark kristijan mainfestation
Dark kristijan

Dark Kristijan when he was a human

Dark Kristijan is the main villain and the arch enemy of Kristijan Matijević, of whom he is the dark counterpart of. He used to be a human, but when he reformed his anti-Kristijan club into a terror force, there was a battle between the two Voyagers and his dark Voyager activated a temporal weapon so he can push Voyager out of the space-time continuum. Unfortunately, Kristijan had rammed Voyager into dark Voyager's temporal core, destroying both ships and killing him and the terror force. Upon returning as a manifestation, he used his dark magic to create dark clones of Panda, Penny, Sally and Liam X.


As a human, Dark Kristijan was snobby, rude, obnoxious, and generally evil. He occasionally stole Kate, Shirley, Maša from Kristijan, who would later barge in and save them. Those two were rivals since first grade and they battled ever since. He generally met his horiffic fate in a battle between the two Voyagers where his ship was equipped with a temporal weapon. Kristijan rammed his Voyager into its counterpart's temporal core destroying both ships, and killing, both Kristijans and the Terror Force.

Later, Kristijan and Voyager are reformed, and so is dark Kristijan, as a manifestation. On the dawn of a new battle, he becomes cruel, extremely evil and tyrant-like and also uses his powers to create dark copies of Panda, Penny, Sally, Liam X and reforms dark Voyager.

Battles since that moment become more chaotic and he started stealing Penny as well. In battles, Kristijan and Dark Kristijan fight each other off with their powers and the Terror Force starts growing very slowly.


  • Being a ruler
  • Penny, Kate, Maša, Sally and Shirley
  • Evil
  • Him being the best, although that rarely happens with cheating


  • Kristijan
  • Good
  • The Grigor Vitez Freedom Fighters
  • Defeat


"Twits like you shouldn't mess with me, understand?"

"You're nothing but a waste of time, Kate! Playing with pets and acting dovey-lovey to the counterpart of mine! Surrender or else I'll corrupt your heart!!!"

"I didn't think so, Penny! Or maybe your empty head tells a different story! I've created an equal you and don't you forget it!"

"You foolish human counterpart of mine! You've always underestimated me and now it's payback time. Think you can temporally kill me, well I can do that MAGICALLY!!!