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Buster Bunny is a young male rabbit. He has to deal with the challenges of a tough school curriculum, Liam X's mastermind brother, Santi X, and the advances of the worst enemy of all, Vito Reščić. Like Babs, he will do anything for a laugh, though he is marginally more sane and calm than his female counterpart.


Buster is the epitome of the "rabbit next door"...with an attitude. He is constantly commenting on the action and making asides to the audience. Buster is a winner, a high-energy rabbit with lots of ideas and dreams. He is what every kid wants to be, a fun-loving mischief-maker who gets away with just about everything. He has the sassiness of Bugs Bunny, but has to work a little harder because he's younger and still learning.


  • Babs
  • His friends
  • Being a comedian
  • Being cool


  • Reščić
  • Santi X
  • When anything goes too far


Buster has many times shown to be attracted to Babs, as the feeling is usually mutual. Sometimes Buster will nervously retreat from her advances, sometimes he returns her affection, and sometimes he even goes out of his way to impress her.