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Bonnie is a male animatronic bunny that comes from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He had a stable relationship with Toy Bonnie, until she caught the eye of the leader of the Freedom Fighters, Kristijan Matijević. When Kristijan became more attracted to Toy Bonnie, she joined the fighting force. Bonnie then became furious and swore that he would take down Kristijan and his fighting force once and for all. Their love rivalry was even stronger than the love rivalry between him and Dark Kristijan. His age is undetermined.


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Bonnie is usually kind and chill, but when someone takes his girlfriend away or hurts him, he becomes angry, stuck-up, self-centered and nervous. He is smarter than he looks. He was usually a gentle soul and cared for Toy Bonnie. But when Kristijan was smitten by her, he was Mr.Nice Guy no more. Even though his blood was boiling and he swore he would strike down Kristijan and the Fighters, he never sided with the Terror Force.

He is known to be strong. He was strong enough to overpower Kate, Jane, Ezzy, Sally, Shirley and Roxann in a few battles. This means that Bonnie can handle himself against a group well.


  • Toy Bonnie
  • Pizza
  • Ice-cream
  • Playing his rock guitar
  • Horsing around occasionally
  • When Kristijan doesn't get in his way


  • Kristijan
  • The Freedom Fighters
  • Seeing Toy Bonnie hurt or emotionally displaced
  • Anyone trying to take Toy Bonnie away from him
  • Being defeated


His first and only relationship is with Toy Bonnie. At first he hated her until she repaired him. They formed a strong bond with each other. They have kissed each other a few times, ate pizza and ice-cream, played a pocky game together.

It was all good until Kristijan started having a gigantic crush on Toy Bonnie. She joined the Fighters, they kissed twice, Kristijan saved her life a few times. While all that happened, Bonnie was furious, couldn't think straight anymore.

Bonnie was heavily depressed on the thought of losing Toy Bonnie to Kristijan. She was falling for him more and more, though. Bonnie then started a love rivalry with Kristijan, and both of them always held equal ground.

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