Bay City
Bay City (population: 3.5 million) is the capital and largest city of Urbania. It is also Urbania's cultural, economic, entertainment, tourist and business centre. It is the home of Kristijan Matijević, Panda and Judy Hopps. The current mayor of Urbania is Mark Williams.

Bay City was the only Urbania metropolis known to exist until 2016, when the second largest city, Grande City, was finished. The two cities are rivaling each other in entertainment, economy and business The city has two parts: the Original (western) and Modern (eastern).


Bay City was founded on a large bay in the north of California in 1950. The first mayor was John Wilkes. The city was small at first, but began growing in the 1980s. By 1991, Bay City had a population of 1.8 million and established itself as a recognized city in California.

Since 1995, Bay City was the most important industrial centre in Northern California. In 2005, a large artificial platform was constructed in the middle of the bay and the first roads there were constructed. This would become known as the Modern (eastern) part of Bay City. By 2008, a lot of business buildings, apartments, flats have been constructed and there was a massive relocation of most of the population.

In 2009, an earthquake destroyed the bridge/road that connected the two parts of the city, but the city itself didn't receive any damage. Since 2011, a project was started to try to rebuild the bridge, but there weren't enough resources, and the only way to travel from one part of the city to another was by boat.

In 2012, a stadium was built on the corner of Stadium Road and Tunnel Road. Underneath it are a series of tunnels, including one at the end of Tunnel Road which goes underneath the unfinished bridge. Since 2015, the population of the more advanced eastern part of the city was 2.5 million, while the western part had a population of 1 million. Since 2016, Grande City becomes Urbania's second metropolis, with a population of 2.9 million. The two cities are in good relations although they usually rival each other in entertainment, economy and business. Grande City's business zone has taken over most of the cargo duties of Bay City, which isn't equipped for dealing with cargo.

Familiar roads (eastern part of the city)

  • Bay Road (home of Kristijan and Panda)
  • Hopps Street
  • Stadium Road
  • Tunnel Road
  • Pocket Road
  • East Road (flat buildings, home of Judy Hopps)
  • Business Street
  • Sunset Road